MA Thesis is Substantially Different from a Graduate Term Paper

MA thesis is very different from a term paper written by graduate students for their assignments. In writing a Master’s thesis a student is expected show level of skills in research and analysis significantly beyond the levels required for writing a term paper. The required analysis is lengthier than a short analysis required for a term paper. Normally, a MA thesis is between 60 to 100 pages in length whereas a term paper requires 20-30 pages. The main difference in writing a thesis and writing a term paper is that a term paper is completed and submitted for evaluation, and a thesis requires many drafts before it is submitted for the evaluation.

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Thesis Topic, the First Hurdle

Finding a good MA thesis topic is not an easy task. Student shall find a problem or a question that requires some original research and analysis to find an answer. The answer shouldn’t be simple “Yes” or “No”. “Why” and “How” questions offer many fine researchable problems rather than ‘Who” and “When” questions. It is always a good idea to select a topic that the student has some previous knowledge and student has some interest on.

Getting Approval for the Thesis

Students are required to select a topic and a research problem and get approval for the same before starting research work on the thesis. A MA thesis proposal requires a brief initial review of literature on the problem. A thesis proposal, normally filling up to ten pages shall contain a short description of the topic and the problem, information on research work done by others on the same topic and the student’s plans for carrying out the research. If the student expects to find a specific answer to the problem it can be stated as a hypothesis and should be written in the thesis statement.

Research Plan and Strategy

Success of whole process of MA thesis writing can be easily and comfortably achieved in due time by meticulous planning and adopting an effective research strategy. The strategy is selecting and arranging the things that are needed to find answers to the research problem. These actions shall be practical and manageable to find the answers within the allowed time frame. Planning thesis process includes preparing a thesis outline and a thesis time schedule. Thesis guideline helps the writer as a roadmap, and the schedule helps the writer to achieve the goal in time.  If it is so hard for you or you don’t have a lot of time you can always use online service. Read about such site in review.

Write an Excellent MA Thesis with little Help

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