Formulating the Essay Thesis Statement July 25, 2018 by admin

Essay Thesis Statement Informs the Reader of the Central Theme of the Essay

Essay Thesis Statement states the main idea of the essay to the reader. It is generally placed at the end of the first paragraph. This allows the reader to realize from the very beginning, what can be expected by reading the essay. The thesis statement of an essay also serves as a roadmap to the essay reader as well as to the writer. It gives a brief introduction to the contents of the essay. For example, an argumentative thesis statement clearly states the writer’s stand point on am arguable subject. Strength and clarity of the thesis statement are the most important factors in making a good essay.

Learn to Recognize a Good Thesis Statement

A good essay thesis statement shall be limited to a single issue, precise and outlines the contents of the essay. If the thesis is limited to one single issue, the student can study deeply on the issue and write the thesis clearly without any confusion. If there are many issues, then everything cannot be examined in an essay. It has to be tackled in separate essays or contained in a book. Therefore, check your thesis to see whether it can be dealt within the specified length and scope of the essay. The statement has to be very clear and shall not be ambiguous. Thesis statement shall be formed so as to give some indication of how it is presented.

Study the Thesis Statements of some good Essays

It is a good learning experience to study some essay thesis statements and test them against the above criteria. Following are two sample thesis statements on the topic of global warming.

1. “There are many causes for global warming and International organizations, national governments and regional groupings are developing many strategies to overcome various undesirable effects of this global phenomenon.” This is an open-ended statement encompassing everything about the topic. To cover this statement student will have to devote a library of books. The ideas are vague and the words like many, various, undesirable and the mention of many organizations point to the divergent nature of the thinking.

2. “Industrial use of green house gases like CFC should be banned or strictly controlled because it is one major contributor to global warming.” This is a good thesis statement which focuses on one single and specific issue and expresses a clear idea and takes a stand on the issue.

Creating a Good Essay Thesis Statement

The essay thesis statement shall be written according to the type of the essay. “Close examination of daily sales figures at retail shops shows that alcohol and cigarette sales are high during the weekends.” is an analytical thesis statement. The writer has planned to analyze sales figures and tries to support his/her thesis with the results. Statement like “Returns on investments made in space research are reaped in other sectors like communications, aviation, and medicine and material technology” is good for an expository thesis explaining the benefits brought about by space research.

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