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Select a Management Thesis Topic that can Trigger Academic Interest

Writing a good management thesis after doing a useful research qualifies students to earn their degree and also pave way for a career in Management. Selection of a topic that can generate an interest among the academic community and the professionals is vital for the recognition of the thesis and the usefulness of the thesis to the academic world. Students should therefore not plan to rush through this project or decide on the topic in ad hoc fashion. They should take time and deliberate on prospective topics supported by some preliminary research before settling for a topic for their Management thesis.

Formulation of the Thesis and Writing a Thesis Statement

Once the formulation of the thesis and writing the thesis statement is done, it is a significant progress in the whole exercise of writing the management thesis. Writing a thesis on a Management topic, needs careful research for finding reliable, accurate and relevant information from reputable sources. For a High level thesis like a Doctoral thesis students may require to find primary data by doing an empirical research with high rigor and internal validity.

The sharp analytical skills and the polished writing skills of the student are the main factors that make a thesis great. After an interesting topic is found it should be narrowed down to a manageable scope and a research problem found for researching. Writing the problem very briefly produces the thesis statement.

Topics for the Management Thesis

Within the field of Management there are quite distinct spheres of study such as Management of Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Production. The thesis topic for the management thesis should be from an area that falls within the scope of the student’s program and student’s interest. Here are some sample topics.

• HR Management: Matrix organizations and communication strategies.
• Project Management: Formal authority and informal authority in Construction sites.
• Finance Management: Undesirable effects of deregulation of commercial bank investments.
• Marketing Management: Cultural considerations in advertising campaigns in niche markets.
• Production Management: Pitfalls in Logistics: Just in time operations in the third world countries.

Writing the Thesis in a Methodical Way

The students shall make a thesis plan at the beginning. Reading a thesis sample before starting will give the students an idea of the difficulty in writing a Management thesis. They have to work according to a plan and a time table. There should be a structure and an outline for the thesis. The students shall have target dates for all the milestone events like selection of the topic, finalizing of the thesis, finishing the thesis proposal, approval of the thesis proposal, review meetings with the supervisors, finish of the first draft, and submission of the thesis. Adequate and realistic time periods should be allocated for each task, allowing some slack for unforeseen interruptions. If the students work according to a meticulously planned schedule they can complete the thesis within the given time frame.

Why some Students need Thesis Help?

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