How Do You Present an Outstanding Masters Thesis? July 25, 2018 by admin

Masters Thesis Differs from a Bachelor’s Thesis and should Present new Knowledge

Master’s Thesis is the requirement that has to be fulfilled by the students to obtain their Master’s Degree. There are two types of Master’s Degrees. Master’s Degree by research and the course based Master’s Degree are the two types and some universities may offer mixture of the two. Type of the research also may be different according to the discipline and the topic. Empirical research is more suitable for Natural and Social sciences, where student has to find a research question and design his/her research strategy to find out primary, first hand data to find a solution to the research question.

Developing a Research Thesis is the Most Difficult Step in Thesis Writing

After the type of the Master’s Thesis is decided a topic and a thesis appropriate to the type of research shall be developed. Most of the students get overambitious and select broad area for their research thinking that they can include lot of research. To avoid this pitfall student should narrow down his/her topic to focus on one single problem, aspect or an issue. The thesis statement written at the beginning of research is essentially a working thesis. This may have to be modified to accommodate the new ideas or knowledge gained during the research.

Learn the Characteristics of a good Thesis Statement

It is beneficial for the students to learn the characteristics of a good thesis statement when writing a thesis statement. Students can read a thesis sample to learn how a good thesis looks like. A good thesis statement contains only the idea that is the topic discussed and researched into by the thesis paper. It should exactly cover the topic. It should not be phrased as a question because the thesis shall provide an answer to a question. The thesis statement shall be the Focal point of the introduction part of the thesis paper. Introduction should start from the topic and narrowed down to the thesis statement. Therefore, after a brief introduction to the topic and the key areas being discussed, the introduction should conclude with a strong thesis statement.

Develop a good Research Strategy

A Doctoral thesis is expected to present genuine new knowledge, but in case of a Master’s thesis the emphasis is more on understanding and applying the principles and skills of research techniques rather than new knowledge. Therefore the students can develop their research strategy to make full use of the existing knowledge on the subject, topic and the issue being examined. They can research in the reliable and reputed sources for information and evidences to support their thesis or find answers to the research question.

A Master’s Thesis that is Fitting to Earn a Master’s Degree

Writing a thesis fitting to earn a master’s thesis is not a very easy task. Students shall not depend on chance and luck to clear this hurdle. If the thesis is not accepted by the thesis committee student’s time, labor and the money spent in two years will be lost forever. That is why they should get all the help they can, for writing their thesis. They can get the thesis help from a good thesis writing company like that has helped a large number of students to earn their degrees without going through the torture of writing the thesis and failing to get the Degree.