How to Make a Thesis July 25, 2018 by admin

Learn How to Make Thesis, to Stay Ahead in the Thesis Project

If the students know how to make a thesis, then it can help them stay ahead in the thesis writing task. This is because; making a thesis is the first difficult task a student has to face when writing a thesis paper. In a thesis paper student has to select a central topic and find a research problem. Making a thesis amounts to the stating of the problem and any predictions or hypothesis related to it. The thesis paper is then written to support the stand taken by the student presenting information, evidences, arguments and proofs to support or prove the thesis.

Finding a Research Problem is the First Step in Making a Thesis

When the student makes a decision on the topic, the next step is to identify a problem or a question to be solved or answered, from within the thesis topic. The thesis is the student solution or the answer. This has to be worded in a strong way so that it can serve as the thesis statement. A good research topic and a research problem shall be a one which has current importance and relevance to many. Finding a solution is a service and the people will be benefited with the solution. Once the students learn how to make a thesis they can write the thesis statement, which would be finishing all the preparatory work on thesis writing.

Various Approaches to Making a Thesis Statement

There are many approaches in making a thesis. These approaches are connected to type of the research and the thesis paper planned. Among the many approaches in making a thesis, following are the most common. For each approach a thesis statement example is also given here.

• Contesting an accepted view: This generates curiosity and interest but student shall find new and accurate evidences and give new interpretations to existing knowledge. Ex. Preservation programs for endangered species are the cause of extinction of some species.

• Giving a new interpretation to an accepted concept also is another approach. Ex. There should be critical change in the type of development aid given to developing countries.

• Cause and effect relationship: This type of thesis establishes the cause for some event or phenomenon. Effects of some action, process or a project also falls under this category. Ex. Use of cellular phones can cause brain cancer.

Attributes of a Good and a Strong Thesis

Students shall learn how to make a thesis that is strong and precise, in order to write an outstanding thesis. Attributes that make a good thesis are a strong claim, a narrow and a deep scope, serious and academic tone and a clear focus on the topic. It should not have more than one questions or arguments. Thesis statement shall be concise but it should be complete in stating the thesis. It is generally contained to one sentence or one very short paragraph. While being short it should state the thesis fully and shall not include anything more than that.

Write a Thesis is Challenging

If the students find it difficult to write the thesis by themselves, then they should resort to getting help from somebody who is capable of the task. They can get thesis help ranging from topic selection, thesis statement help to writing a customized thesis. is one of the best thesis writing services that can help students to write their winning thesis.