How to write a Good Thesis July 25, 2018 by admin

Writing a Good Thesis Is Not an Option but an Essential

A thesis is a fact of life if you are in university and studying for a degree program. If it is a Bachelors or Masters level degree, this fulfills partial requirements of the study. But for those eminent PhD students, this basically covers the entire PhD course requirements. Therefore, you must write a good thesis in order to face the thesis committee confidently. It is not an option for you but an essential, so let us educate ourselves on how to achieve this task.

Do We Know What a Thesis is?

First things first! Do we know what a thesis is? Let us not get this confused with the simple one liner we place within the introductory paragraph of our essays. Of course that too is a thesis which we proceed to establish and validate within our essay. But that is more aptly referred to as a thesis statement while what we are discussing in this post is a thesis paper. This is another synonym with a dissertation or a research paper. A thesis is formal academic document which is submitted by a student pursuing a degree or a professional qualification. It typically present ones finding and research on a specific subject. This usually is the final project of a degree without which the degree is not conferred to the candidate.

Importance of a Thesis

Having reached the finale of your course program, you are rearing to join the workforce armed with a degree credential. Thesis writing project is the final hurdle which separates you and the finish line. This is why, students are often intimidated and stressed out by the theses writing requirement. Therefore, the importance of learning to write a good thesis is undoubtedly critical. Without this, achieving the academic degree after many years of hard work might not come to reality. Sadly there is a good percentage of students that end up with just a transcript indicating the grades for course modules they undertook up to the stage of thesis project. They do not however get awarded with the final degree. The reason being that they are either unable to pass the dissertation requirements or they have not submitted one.

When you are assigned the thesis writing project, you need to consider few key points to plan out the task.

• Time Plan – Bear in mind that this is no simple writing assignment that can be put together by burning few hours of midnight oil. You may need a time frame of 4-8 months in general for the completion of a comprehensive thesis writing project. From the thesis idea stage to final proofreading of a thesis paper, the work involved can be staggering and rather draining on your free hours as well as the energy levels.

• The Purpose – You must have a clear purpose for the thesis to move forward. Get your thesis proposal approved by the supervisor and draw up a clear thesis statement which outlines the objectives of your study.

• Methodology of Study – Your thesis will amount to nothing if the methodology applied is not robust or valid. A good thesis is totally dependent on a well-designed thesis methodology. You may choose qualitative or quantitative study methods and utilize primary, secondary or a mix of both sources to gather data. Selection of methodology should be fully justified and aligned with the thesis-hypothesis that is being investigated.

Thesis writing can be a completely new experience to an undergraduate student. It is a very large and an independent project. Therefore ask yourself few questions such as what does your degree mean to you and what contributions it will make to furthering your life goals. With positive answers to such self probing questions, you can decide on making the sacrifices of time and effort needed to write an excellent thesis.