How to Write a Research Proposal July 25, 2018 by admin

Answer the Question “How to Write a Research Proposal?” Before Starting Your Research

Students have to answer the question How to Write a Research Proposal? before starting their research. Before starting a research project, students are required to submit a research proposal and get the approval for it. It is the practice of many universities that students make a presentation of their research proposal before an audience and defend it. In the defense students will have to answer the questions from audience and the faculty members justifying the merit and potential of knowledge to be generated from the research and showing the importance and relevance of the findings which the study can unveil.

Tasks Involved in a Research Proposal

Writing, orally presenting and writing a research proposal is a difficult task requiring months. But if the student can carry out required prior research and write the proposal in a methodical way, his later work on the thesis will become much easier. Research proposal shall start with selection of a topic and formulating a thesis. The student has to do a literature review and explain the supervisor and the faculty the present status of the knowledge on the selected topic. The importance of the proposed research and benefits expected from the research also has to be explained in the proposal. This key task can only be done well if students learn how to write a research proposal so that the potential of the research study can be presented convincingly to the research committee.

Convince the Committee with a Thoroughly Researched Literature Review

To convince the thesis committee that the proposed research is important and useful to the people and the academic community by adding new knowledge to the knowledge base, students shall prepare a thoroughly researched literature review. This can show the committee what other institutions have been doing research on the topic and the state of knowledge on the topic. If the student is not familiar with strong>how to write a research proposal or how to conduct a literature review he/she can get an example of a literature review from a professional writing service. Referring to a thesis writing guide is also an option.

Basic Elements in a Research Proposal

The basic elements in a research proposal are as follows.

• Title page
• Thesis abstract
• Contents page
• Introduction
• Thesis Statement
• Approach to research , the Methodologies for research and evaluation of results
• Literature review
• Results of the prior research
• Discussion on preliminary research
• Plan and Time schedule for the research
• Importance and the implications of the research
• List of references
• Budget for the research

Students will see that many of these elements are essential parts of a thesis also. If the students attend to the proposal phase with diligence and produce a good proposal, this will lay the foundation for a good research paper which can be expanded out of the proposal structure.

Approval of Research Proposal is Compulsory

It is needless to mention that the approval of the research proposal is pre-requisite to further work on the research project. Student will have to drop the idea of getting their higher degrees if the proposal is not approved. Therefore they should exert their maximum effort to submit and present the best possible proposal. They can always call for help from a good thesis writing service to prepare an excellent research proposal that can get the approval of the thesis committee.