Making Use of an Example of a Thesis July 25, 2018 by admin

Example of a Thesis Serves as a Valuable Guide to Students

Example of a Thesis serves as a guide to students when developing a thesis for their research project. Thesis is the main idea or the argument of your academic work. This is applicable whether it is a Dissertation, Thesis, Research paper or an Essay. Student cannot start formulating the thesis straightaway when they get the assignment in hand. Before formulating a thesis on a given topic, students have to study and collect information on the topic and then think on all aspects of that topic to arrive at a main idea or an argument on which the research to be based upon.

How to Formulate a Thesis

Once the student is ready with the basic facts, evidences and information on various aspects of the given topic, he/she can organize them and review them. You should reflect on the connections between them, any mismatching or gaps on these facts and areas which remain unexplained. By doing so, students will find a very specific aspect or a problem on which he/she can concentrate and investigate further. The thesis is the idea the student gets after this long process of brainstorming. Having identified such an area to investigate on further, the thesis writer can select his/her stand on the topic. Students may refer to an example of a Thesis to get a better idea of what a thesis statement sounds like and how it is phrased.

What is the Thesis Statement?

The thesis formulated as above may be changed or modified based on the finding of the research. Until then the initial thesis can serve as the working thesis. After the formulation of the thesis it has to be written as the main argument of the research in one sentence, though rarely it may be two or three sentences long. This is the thesis statement and it serves as a very brief summary and a road map of the paper.

Example of a Thesis

Students are always happy to learn by referring to an example and Example of a Thesis provides a guide to the students when creating a thesis. Most students may actually know how to write a thesis but not know that it is in fact the thesis statement. To avoid such issues, here is an example of a thesis statement:

The student selects Urban Air Pollution as the topic for the thesis. This is a vast subject area. Student can now do a prior research to find all aspects of air pollution like diseases caused by air pollution, sources of air pollution, loss to the economy etc. Student selects causes for air pollution as his narrowed down topic. The thesis created is “Strong Laws are required to prevent various sources contributing to urban air pollution”.

This final selection still remains too wide and lack being specific. If the student considers one source of pollution this thesis may be improved. He/she may find that already there are laws on some polluting causes and strict enforcement is necessary. The thesis may be re-written as “Strict enforcement of laws is needed to prevent urban air pollution by emission of polluting gases from vehicles”. This is a good thesis. It is precise and the scope is manageable.

Student Can get Help in Writing the Thesis

When faced with the problem of creating thesis students can get thesis help from a good thesis writing service. The help offered by the writing services range from help in selecting a topic, developing a thesis, doing literature reviews, research for information, writing the thesis editing and proof reading. Many students enlist help in some or all parts of this task so that they can devote more of their time for studies.