Referring to a Full Thesis is Advantageous July 25, 2018 by admin

Download full Thesis to get all the Information

Students can download full thesis, if the need is to study everything contained in the thesis. Alternatively, a restricted thesis can be downloaded which contains thesis abstract and bibliography. A restricted thesis provides information about a thesis and may be adequate for prior research for identifying sources for a research project. Majority of universities all over the world now have digital theses stored in their digital libraries. The digital thesis libraries in universities usually store both versions of the theses submitted by the students. This helps academics who conduct secondary research as they can choose which thesis to be downloaded in full, by referring to the restricted version.

Use of Digital Theses is Gaining Popularity

Digital thesis also known as electronic thesis is one of the great tools helping the advancement of human knowledge. This is another invaluable benefit brought about by the Internet and Information Technology. Many universities have established their digital libraries to archive and distribute the theses written by the students. This is a major help in getting the current knowledge on any topic without much difficulty. The theses written in the past also are being made available digitally by many universities by scanning them and storing as digital images. Ease of downloading and being free of charge, have made digital thesis very popular information source for academics, students and other professionals.

How to Publish Full Thesis Digitally

After a thesis is accepted by the thesis committee students are required to submit three bound hard copies and one soft copy on a disc. Portable Document Format (PDF) is the widely accepted standard format for digital thesis. Almost all the universities accept the theses in PDF format. After the student has defended the thesis successfully and thesis committee accepted the thesis, student shall submit the full thesis together with all certificates including the library authorization and the copyright permissions. The authorities approve the addition of the thesis to the digital thesis collection. Only after that, the student can upload his/her thesis to the digital library.

Downloading Theses from Digital Theses Collections

Students and academics preparing for research projects have to do a prior research and literature review. Instead of downloading a full thesis they can download a restricted thesis that is adequate for most of the prior researches. Many digital libraries allow downloading restricted theses free of charge. While some universities allow free downloading of full theses some allow this access only for the members. Memberships are made available for other libraries as well as educational and academic institutions at nominal costs.

Research Work is Made easy by Digital Thesis

Research for information and knowledge has been made easy by the digital thesis. But many students face problems like time constraints, non availability of computer and broadband facilities that obstruct their research connected to the thesis project. When faced with this type of problem students can get thesis help for researching sources from digital libraries allover the world. They can get help to write their theses. When in a dire need student can order a custom thesis too.