Submitting Your Final Thesis July 25, 2018 by admin

Final Thesis is the last Assignment in your Degree Course

Final Thesis is the last assignment in any degree course. Once the thesis is submitted to the thesis committee the evaluation takes some time, but not more than six weeks in most cases. After the evaluation, it is returned with committee members’ comments. Some may receive a “pass” or “honors/merit pass” while others get “acceptance subjected to minor modifications” or “failed”. Approved copies can be bound and submitted to the university. Filling a submission certificate is also an essential requirement. The universities that are a part of the digital thesis program allow the students to upload their final theses to the digital thesis collection of the university.

Many universities require the students doing a degree thesis to present it to an audience. This is the final thesis presentation or a Viva. Students have to submit the presentation by email or in disc a couple of days prior to the presentation. The presentation shall contain an introduction, research methods used, findings of the research and students own critique of the thesis. The presentation serves two purposes. The first purpose served is showing the student’s understanding of the topic he/she has researched. The other is to prove that the student has done the research and worked on the paper independently. The time allocated for the presentation is generally a half hour and another half an hour is set out for the discussion.

Final Thesis Submission

After the thesis is accepted, it has to be submitted in bound form and electronic form. Three bound copies have to be submitted normally along with a digital copy in PDF format. Most of the universities are making e-thesis submission mandatory. This is part of the new digital thesis initiative for which most of the universities already have joined. There are specified requirements for binding and thesis printing. It is normal practice to ask for thermal soft binding or hard binding. The title has to be in gold lettering on the spine and on the cover.

Thesis Writing and the Final thesis

When students are writing the thesis they have to consider the fact that before the final submission, the thesis may have to be edited several times. Editing and proofreading are very important. This helps students submit an error-free final thesis paper. Editing must be done with the aim of correcting sentence structure, the flow of the writing, as well as eliminating the spelling and grammar mistakes. If there is any omission due to an oversight this also gets corrected during the editing. Editing and proofreading of a thesis is best left to a third party who has excellent grammar and spelling knowledge. Enlisting thesis editing help from a professional is another option.

Get Thesis Help for Final Thesis

When writing the final thesis students can get help from various sources. Most people are well disposed to offer genuine help for a student who is endeavoring to complete a monumental task within their academic career. Help is generally offered by the university academic staff, the thesis supervisor allocated and family and friends. Expert thesis help from a thesis writing service is also a possibility. With exceptionally qualified thesis writers, helps students in writing their final thesis to ensure a “pass” in the least, for their submissions.