Writing a Movie Thesis is No Small Feat July 25, 2018 by admin

A Movie Thesis for a MFA Allows Students to Demonstrate their Artistic and Technical Talents

Students can take up the challenge of writing a movie thesis for their degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate level. Movies are studied under Fine arts and students will have to write their senior theses for getting an Honors Bachelor’s Degree. To get a Masters of Fine Arts degree too writing a thesis is a requirement. Those who have chosen movie making and Cinematography as their major within a MFA will then focus on a thesis on films. Sociological aspects of the movies are studied under Social Science students. Engineering Students who have a special interest in movies may find a project in technologies for making movies interesting. But generally, a thesis on movies will mean a Fine arts thesis at a higher degree level like MFA.

Graduate Degree Programs in Movie making

There are many graduate schools offering graduate degree programs in movie making and Television programming. Following are some typical programs offered by the prestigious graduate arts schools.

• MFA in Film and TV production
• MFA in Film and TV Direction
• MFA in Cinematography
• MFA in Screen writing
• PhD and MA in Cinema and Media Studies

Above programs require the students to carryout a project to actually create a film or a TV program for their movie thesis. The production should be exhibited and the responses and reviews also have to be discussed at the conclusion.

What it takes for writing the Movie Thesis

If a student is writing a movie thesis for a fine arts degree it is necessary for him/her to make a film, and the thesis will present the project and support the main idea or the thesis of the project. Before starting the project, student needs to identify main message or the theme to be delivered by the thesis. This has to be written as the thesis statement when writing the thesis. At the end of the course, the students have to present their creations at the exhibition. The reviews by the spectators form an essential part of the discussion section of the thesis.

A Movie Thesis in Screenwriting

In making a movie, the script takes a very important place. Many graduate schools offer MFA degrees in Screenwriting. The students actually write a film script for their thesis and the thesis should present the written script and analyze and explain it. Writing the thesis will be much easier if the students make a thesis outline before start writing the thesis. The final script has to be stage read and the script will be critiqued and reviewed by the colleagues and the supervisors during the classes and the final presentation. In such critique sessions, the students will need to defend their work to earn the degree.

How Can Thesis Help be of Use?

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