Writing Good Thesis Statements July 25, 2018 by admin

Do You Know How to Write Good Thesis Statements?

Good Thesis Statements can be generated only after finding a good thesis topic. After deciding on the topic of the thesis, the student should narrow down the broad topic area into a manageable scope. What is needed is for the student to concentrate on a single aspect of the topic or a narrower area contained in the broad topic. It is always advisable that the students discuss the options and get the help from the instructors in this difficult task. Or else, student can seek the help from a professional writing service. A good thesis statement is specific and concise and can only be written on a narrow and specific topic. Since the thesis statement indicates the central idea of the thesis project, it is important that students conduct some prior research on the broad subject area. This will help them avoid duplicating any research efforts which are ongoing and to steer clear of specific area which have been investigated by other scholars deeply.

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Characteristics of Good Thesis Statements

Good Thesis Statements are prerequisites for writing god theses and there are specific features inherent in a good thesis statement. Students should know these characteristics in order to write one.
• It lays foundation for a well researched and well written thesis.
• It helps writer to focus on the topic without wandering from it.
• A good thesis statement is unambiguous and focused.
• It is specific.
• People shall be able to disagree with it.
• It clearly informs the reader about the writers stand on the topic.
• It should not use vague words.
• It informs the reader what is written in the thesis and how it is written

Creating Good Thesis Statements is not Child’s play

Students should not expect to come up with a thesis statement in a mere few minutes deliberation. Creating a thesis statement is the result of a long drawn thinking process. It should be supported by brainstorming, research and contemplating. Good Thesis Statements can be created only if the students follow through these tasks. Brain storming process allows the students to study the many options available and the various aspects of the broad topic given or selected. This step involves divergent thinking. Next step of the process is to select a good thesis idea from among the options found during brainstorming. Once the thesis idea is decided, a problem or an argument arising form the selected thesis idea must be identified. The thesis statement is the few sentences that clearly state this problem or the argument.

Writing a Thesis is a Lot Harder than Writing Thesis Statements

Writing thesis statements is not child’s play. But writing a thesis is a lot harder. Students who find it difficult to create a thesis statement or write a thesis should consider enlisting help. They can seek help from instructors, parents or friends. But students will realize that these sources are not the best sources to rely on. Most of them have limitations in terms of time and effort they can set aside to helping the student. The best option is that the student can get thesis help from a good thesis writing service. Thesistown.com is one of the best thesis writing services that offer thesis help from creating thesis statements writing custom theses. With such professional help to guide the thesis process, students will have better chances of submitting a thesis of high caliber.